Land Rover Parts and Modifications

These are just a few parts I make, modify or supply for Classic Series Land Rovers.

As an enthusiast of classic Series Land Rovers, especially camper conversions, I have, over the last few years, been asked to produce or modify parts for these vehicles.

It is not my main focus of work, but I am happy to help others out by making their vehicles better and easier to use.


Series 2 Military Hinge Modification


Military hinges for Series 2 vehicles have a flange which can be used to mount a mirror arm and mirror.
The driver's side (RHS) Military hinge has been NLA (No Longer Available) for some years, and the Passenger's side hinge is rarely available and so is usually very expensive.
I can modify your hinge by welding a new flange to your hinge, grinding the weld back to make it look like it was cast in one piece like the original military hinge.
The process involves cutting and shaping the flange from 6mm steel stock and drilling the hole for the mirror arm.
Your original hinge piece is stripped of paint and heated to prevent any stress cracks when welding.
The edge of the flange to be welded is ground so that the weld fills the gap, so when it is ground back afterwards to make it look like it was cast, there is still a large area of weld penetration.
The hinge is then cleaned and sprayed with primer ready for your finish paint.

Turnaround time is usually 1 week and cost, including return tracked postage (UK) is 55.00


Extended Breather Kits

If you do any wading, either off-roading or through a flooded road, as the warm axle hits cold water the difference in temperature causes a vacuum to form in the axle casing.
If your existing axle breather is loose/dirty/stuck or just in poor condition, or any of your axle seals are not 100% perfect, then you can get water drawn in to the axle, which will mix with the oil and create a nasty emulsion which no longer lubricates! Your differential can wear out in a very short time!

The kit also helps prevent oily brake shoes - if your breather gets blocked the increase in pressure as your axle warms up can force oil past the hub seals. This kit allows the axle to breathe without pressurising.

When fitted to your overdrive and/or transfer box / gearbox, it prevents water being drawn in when deep wading, and prevents oil being blown out through the breather hole and coating the rear of your vehicle!

All fittings are high quality and the correct thread type for Land Rover fitment.

Three kits are available:
Straight, including two straight breathers, one 'T' fitting, 5m tubing and 5 zip ties:    16.99
Standard, including two 90 degree swivel breathers, one 'T' fitting, 7.5m tubing and 10 zip ties:    18.99
With wading plug - as above but includes a wading plug:    19.99

Extra fittings are available to add to your gearbox, transfer box and overdrive (if fitted), at 2.50 per fitting.
An extra breather and an extra 'T' fitting is required for each extra item added to the breathers.

Axle breather kits include free UK P&P


'Carawagon' style Awning Frame

(Awaiting detailed pictures)

These awning frames pull out from the rear of the vehicle, requiring no vertical support as part of the side tubes remain inside the roof as a cantilever, and were originally designed and supplied by Carawagon as an optional extra for their camper conversion, both LWB and SWB.
The awning frame was originally supplied with a fully enclosed canvas awning with zipped sides, however the frames are ideal for quickly providing shade from sun or rain using just a tarp or sheet.
If you want more protection a larger tarp can be thrown over and pegged at the ground at one or both sides, or even a full awning could be reproduced.

All fittings and instructions are supplied, you just need a few tools which most Series Land Rover owners often have.

Due to the length of these frames they are usually collection only.
Available for LWB and SWB Series 2 & 3 and 90/110/Defender Land Rovers.
These are made in batches so I may have current stock, or there might be a delay to fabricate the next batch.

Cost: LWB 230.00, SWB 210.00



'Carawagon Style' Gas Bottle Cage

These are Carawagon style gas bottle cages, fitted under the driver's seat on a rear tank Carawagon, or on the chassis behind the rear wheels on a front tank Carawagon.

They can be fitted to any Series/Defender Land Rover, not just Carawagons, and make an ideal, safe, storage location for the gas bottle on your camper.

The holder is hinged to drop down so the gas bottle can be easily changed.

Two sizes, Calor 4.5kg(Butane)/3.9kg(Propane) or Camping Gaz 907. The 907 will fit in a Calor 4.5/3.9kg cage, but would need padding as the 907 bottle is narrower.

These are made to order as the frame is different according to the size and location to be fitted, and galvanised in batches.

Cost: 95.00


I attend a few shows throughout the year, usually displaying a vehicle on the Land Rover Classic Campers stand ( and so can take items to those shows for collection.

Payment can be made by paypal (if you accept the paypal charges), BACS (bank transfer), cheque in the post or cash on collection.

Please feel free to email me at with any queries.